Release Date: November 3rd, 2017

In 1960, Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson trades in his powerful post to become John F. Kennedy’s Vice President. For three years, Johnson desperately struggles to remain relevant while his political importance continues to fade. But on November 22, 1963, an assassin’s bullet catapults Johnson into the most powerful office in the world. With a country in mourning, and a mobilizing campaign to make Bobby Kennedy the next president, Johnson must embrace JFK’s Civil Rights Bill and successfully push it through congress in the hopes of legitimizing his presidency and securing his rightful place in the Oval Office.


  • Rob Reiner


  • Joey Hartstone


  • Woody Harrelson
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh
  • Richard Jenkins
  • Bill Pullman
  • Jeffery Donovan
  • Michael Stahl-David

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